Foundation De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur came into being in 2014 following the merger of the foundations which used to administer the Natural Campsites and Hiker’s Cabins networks (Foundation Natuurkampeerterreinen and Foundation Trekkershutten Nederland). Our organization is dedicated to the sustainable development of outdoor leisure facilities in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Our core values are sustainability, cultural history, the nature experience and Corporate Social Responsibility, which combine to form the basis of our efforts to promote outdoor leisure. We represent the interests of operators in the sector, and we maintain close contact with public authorities and private organizations to safeguard the future of our networks and their unique recreational value.

De Groene Koepel undertakes marketing and promotional activities for the three networks (Natural Campsites, Hiker’s Cabins and Group Natural Campsites) and is also responsible for quality control. To read our full mission and vision, please click here.