The DGK Lab has been responsible for many innovations in the outdoor leisure industry. We work alongside partners in the private sector and research field to arrive at new insights which will help businesses in the leisure sector to achieve long-term sustainability and profitability. We organize various workshops, think-tanks and symposia. We develop new business models and implement trial projects. We also develop new products, such as the ‘Trek-in’ hiker’s cabin introduced in 2012. The DGK Lab enables us to anticipate market developments and social trends.

The Optimum Natural Campsite
Between November 2016 and April 2017, we held a series of eight workshops under the title ‘the Optimum Natural Campsite’. Site owners were invited to discuss a very broad range of topics, including permaculture, green energy, cultural heritage and architecture. The series is to be repeated in 2018.

The DGK Lab’s workshops and discussion sessions are intended to help the sector explore new paths, increase efficiency, devise new ideas for outdoor recreation and, wherever possible, to implement those ideas. Further sessions are planned to discuss an even broader range of topics.

Business and Nature Conference
In 2015, De Groene Koepel organized its first conference on sustainable enterprise in the outdoor recreation sector. Click here for the report (in Dutch).

In 2012, De Groene Koepel launched the ‘Trek-in’, a sustainable new hiker’s cabin. Click here for further information (in Dutch).



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