Information for Friends

If you become a Friend of De Groene Koepel, you should take note of the following.

– ‘Friendship’ begins on the date your payment is received.
– You will receive a Friend’s Pass which you can use to prove your entitlement to special activities or discounts. It will be issued only once.
– You will also receive a letter containing discount codes which you can use when ordering products from the EcoVentura and IVN webshops.
– You will receive an annual renewal request and an invoice for the same amount as in the current year. You may change the amount if you wish. We are currently implementing a direct debit system. Until it is available, please pay using iDeal or by bank transfer using the account number given on the invoice.
– The minimum contribution is €25.00 per year.

In 2018, the contributions of our Friends will support the ‘Birds around the tent’ project.

Thank you for your contribution!


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